We’ve had successful results with clients in every industry by coming up with practical solutions and integrating them seamlessly into their existing culture. Guiding internal teams through the learning curve ensures an effortless transition for a new program to become second nature.

From developing and launching new products to implementing company-wide IT systems, goals are reached quickly and, above all, practically for every client we work with.

With a broad portfolio and exceptional expertise we are certain we can create a bespoke solution, to make your organisation function even better. We really can make the difference to your business.

An overview of the how we are supporting a diverse range of organisations around the GCC, and how we’ve tailored our services to suit their specific needs

In today’s fast paced, increasingly volatile and ever changing financial markets, institutions need a service provider they can rely upon for their ICT. Whether helping reduce execution times on trades, meeting rigid compliance requirements, improving client services – all whilst increasing efficiencies and competitive advantage.

The ixtel financial services practice is led by a team with many years experience working inside the industry and therefore understands the unique issues facing financial institutions today.

Our Financial Services practice vision is to build a more agile platform for growth, whilst simultaneously driving down operational costs. We can deliver the innovative, integrated communication solutions that enable you to realise the benefits of new technologies securely, predictably and reliably.

Using ixtel wealth of experience in program and project delivery, coupled with tried and tested service offerings, our Financial Services team can offer effective and tailored solutions.

The travel and transport industry is becoming increasingly competitive with companies facing more pressure than ever to provide first class service whilst acting responsibly with restrictive budgets.

At ixtel we understand that these sectors must keep up with emerging technologies whilst maximising the benefit of their installed assets. From a mission critical command centre to a public-facing contact centre, whatever your organisation needs to achieve, ixtel can devise a total solution helping you to address key business drivers.

Our travel and transportation solutions, technology and consulting can help you: improve the customer’s end-to-end experience; increase the agility of customer sales and service systems; maximize the availability of assets and infrastructure for revenue generation; improve operational efficiency; and assure safety and security with less cost and impact on customers.

ixtel has extensive experience helping utility and oil & gas companies with portfolio, program and project management solutions delivered on multiple engagements in the energy sector.

ixtel Energy, Oil & Gas practice has partnered with several of the worlds majors, leading IT firms on delivering their most complex programs, optimizing capital portfolios, and enhancing their internal delivery capability. Ixtel is able to deliver compelling solutions to enable energy industry Organizations select their optimal projects and deliver on the most complex programs.

As an independent ICT provider, we work in partnership with our clients in the media & communication sector to deliver innovative communication solutions in the area of UC & Collaboration, Managed Connectivity and Data Networking.

No matter what your organisation needs to achieve, we can devise a total solution helping you to address key business drivers such as – increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs and achieving competitive advantage.

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of Lifecycle Services to enable our client’s goals to be achieved. Our difference is how we deliver it, from consultancy and design, to transition and ongoing support and optimisation

From helping multinational computer software corporations manage go-to-market campaigns to helping achieve predictable delivery, we have used our portfolio, program and project management skills to conceive, develop and launch products within fast-moving businesses.

Public Services must deliver more with less; driving better services that are customer focused and simplified. Whether a federal government department, school, police or immigration, all are required to communicate effectively.

Ixtel is the first choice for all these needs and more, enabling Public Services to benefit from its added-value product flexibility and openness, with instant adoption by users.

We understand that healthcare providers are committed to consistently improving patient care but at the same time have huge pressures to increase service efficiencies and respond to changeable patient demands.

Whether you are seeking to improve patient interactions through multimedia technologies such as contact centre applications, or you want to ensure your ICT infrastructure is secure and reliable across multiple sites, Ixtel works in partnership with clients to design, build and support solutions and services to meet your overall objectives.

Ixtel develops a range of solutions which meet the different needs of healthcare facilities. These solutions optimise the reception given and service rendered to patients, but also the communication and data security tools available to the healthcare and administrative personnel.

Ixtel healthcare solutions, technology and consulting enable organisations to achieve greater efficiency within their operations; collaborate to improve outcomes; and integrate with new partners for a more sustainable, personalized and patient-centric system focused on value.

ixtel understand your business goals and have a proven track record of helping our telecoms clients improve their delivery management and execute successfully on their most complex programs.

Market conditions are forcing telecoms to address operational efficiency, cost reduction, time-to-market and capital expenditure. Yet at the same time customers are demanding more for less from all providers in the telecoms market – fixed, mobile and ISPs.

In the face of such pressures, telecoms need to become more agile; able to respond quickly and effectively to changing demands. As a result, transformation and rationalization programs are key to enabling telecoms to survive and thrive.

In today’s increasingly lean and integrated manufacturing industry, employers are looking to their workforce to deliver the greater efficiencies they need to compete, without compromising on quality and service.

As an independent ICT provider, we work in partnership with our clients in the manufacturing and engineering sectors to deliver innovative communication solutions that drive efficiency savings. This can be achieved by equipping employees with the right productivity tools and IT infrastructure to support them in their work.

Companies can use Unified Communications platforms to drive value in collaborative working, creating a flexible workforce and reducing employees’ travel. Cost reduction, meeting regulatory compliance and the green agenda continue to challenge IT leaders who strive to maximise site infrastructure investments.

No matter what your organisation needs to achieve, ixtel can devise a total solution helping you to address key business drivers. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of Lifecycle Services. Our difference is how we deliver it, from consultancy and design, to transition and ongoing support and optimisation.

From managing product development and manufacturing supply chain, to applying lean manufacturing approaches, ixtel expertise has enabled many clients to optimize their program and operational processes, leading to better quality products, at lower cost, with faster delivery from concept to consumer.

ixtel understand the particular pressures that apply to the engineering and manufacturing sector. Cost reduction, global scope, disciplined engineering delivery; supply chain integration and business restructuring/transformation are just some of the factors which typify programs in this sector.

Many of our clients are diversifying into the new “green” technologies as well. Our services are structured to provide cost-effective support while building internal capability.

The complexity of today’s hospitality market requires advanced yet easy-to-use technology to ensure a clean, consistent and pleasant guest experience. We can help you manage the complexities of today’s lodging and resort operations with solutions to help increase employee productivity, support multi-lingual operations and manage inventory so you can deliver exceptional guest service. Ixtel pays special attention to improving customer satisfaction while creating a scalable and collaborative work environment for the personnel.

Property professionals are dependent on good working communication tools, because they are often outside of their offices. Ixtel develops solutions which can meet all the needs expressed by the property sector about business communications. Ixtel provides some efficient solutions which perfectly adapt to existing infrastructure and enhance mobility, responsiveness, cost optimisation, information transmission and team work.