Social, mobility, analytics, cloud & Internet of Things (SMACT) technologies make today’s digital enterprise increasingly vulnerable. Our Cybersecurity team combine the best security experts, processes and technologies to assist clients as they govern, detect, assess and respond to today’s changing threat landscape. Leveraging a set of integrated controls, our Cyber Security team empower organizations to embrace disruptive, next-generation technologies to help minimize risk, automate compliance, optimize security and ultimately enable their business.

Cybersecurity team provides the best-fit frameworks to secure a borderless enterprise of today and tomorrow. From basic regulatory compliance to futuristic converged security solutions, we offer end-to-end solutions in the areas of data, applications, infrastructure, and cloud security. Leveraging best of breed product partnerships and repository of best practices, cyber security offers commercial flexibility and noiseless delivery of operations. It uses analytics and automation that are driven by artificial intelligence (AI) to catalyse security transformations that pre-empt security breaches and enable collaboration across dispersed security teams.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

A vital part of the security state of your business is having a robust information security and governance posture in place.

Our consultants encourages our clients to move along our GRC maturity curve where the processes of Governance, Risk and Compliance are improved, strengthened and made more resilient in the face of threats and ever-increasing compliance demands from Government regulations, industry requirements and corporate reputation.

Our consultants help to drive best practice, achieve good governance, reduce and mitigate risk and achieve compliance, in many cases driving competitive advantage in tandem.

At ixtel, we can provide subject matter experts in a range of national and international policy and standards such as NESA, ISO, ISR and PCI-DSS to help you understand the latest requirements and support you with their implementation within your business.

Secure network & IT infrastructure

In a world where the insatiable demand for information is increasingly at odds with business risk, we provide Secure IT without compromise. Safeguarding Information, Managing Threats and Controlling Risk.

IT assets are no longer exclusively within the known perimeter of the organisation. As more and more data and systems are moved into the cloud the secure perimeter has been fractured and the risk of compromise and attack becoming far greater. Remote working and mobility has compounded these security risks resulting in the emergence of critical but diverse security technologies. ixtel continues to work meticulously with our clients to ensure their infrastructures are highly secure, yet agile and responsive enough to meet the business demands.

ixtel refreshing approach to infrastructure security focuses on the critical assets of your business protecting your assets with our “layered” approach to the defence of the network – we embed security (in the form of the products) across our customer’s organisation by placing multiple barriers/counter measures in the way of potential attackers, and ensuring that they are open for business when they need to be, and that only the right people have access to their corporate resources

The “layered” defence just referred to can be delivered with maximum efficiency and effectiveness if it is underpinned by a rigorous, coherent and distinctive approach to delivery and execution. The essential elements of our defence-in-depth approach include:

  • Professional Services
  • Cyber Threat Management Service
  • Next Generation Firewall Management Service
  • Information Security, Risk & Compliance Management
  • Vulnerability Management Service
  • Mobile Device Management Service

Secure Communication & Information

Transforming the front and back-end of your business to make the most of new ways of working is a strategic imperative. Doing so securely with effective cyber defense is a powerful enabler for your strategic objectives. Learn how to protect across all your critical areas of digital identity and users, applications, endpoints and infrastructure.

New ways of business operations and customer interactions demand a new approach to protecting critical assets. Our end-to-end cybersecurity services cover IT and industrial systems, and data IoT products, to help your enterprise achieve digital transformation with security at its core.

One of your key priorities will be to make sure that your data and intellectual property stay safe. You’ll want to be confident that your applications are only accessed by those who are entitled to. Our identity & access management solution ensures appropriate access to employees, customers and partners to the cloud or on premise applications irrespective of their location, so you can take advantage of all the business benefits this brings.

Identify sensitive data so that you know what data you have and how it should be protected. With support for automated, system-suggested, or user-driven classification, ixtel helps prevent data leaks that lead to embarrassing headlines, regulatory fines, and loss of market share.

Most major data breaches involve a threat that was already inside. What is usually leaked or stolen? Unstructured data. Documents, spreadsheets, images, videos–what you have the most of and know the least about. ixtel is uniquely positioned to help you prevent cyberattacks on your biggest, most important data through the following services:

  • Data leak Prevention
  • Data Classification, Privacy & Protection
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Email, Web & Content Management
  • User Entity Behaviour Analysis Management Service


Managed Security Services

No organisation is immune to cyber attacks, which are becoming more advanced, audacious and varied—ranging from intellectual property theft to writing malicious code. Enterprises are increasingly finding that their legacy or piecemeal security solutions are no longer adequate. As demand for cybersecurity expertise far outpaces supply, many lack the in-house resources to direct, execute and hone cybersecurity strategies.

Based on the proven Security Operations Centre (SOC) model, our progressive range of end-to-end managed services is designed to meet rapidly evolving security challenges.

Our intelligence-driven Multi-tenant Managed SOC, powered by industry-leading SIEM, UEBA, GRC, DLP, IAM technologies, brings advanced data analysis to enterprise security. Businesses can swiftly identify and counteract threats at reduced cost and with minimal disruption; the flexible, tiered scale of Managed SOC services makes it possible to establish a highly effective SOC out of the box and at low TCO.

ixtel has experience working with organisations in every industry to simplify, speed up and solidify enterprise security processes. Our many years of partnerships with security technology leaders has resulted in powerful combined software solutions with established frameworks and methodologies. Our shared industry experience and understanding has helped shape compelling offers that respond to today’s most pressing business challenges.

Benefits of Managed Security Services


  • Reduced cost of security monitoring whilst increasing security coverage
  • Single holistic view of risk and threat across the enterprise
  • Identify threats before they become incidents
  • Enhanced Mobile and BYOD user risk monitoring
  • Standards compliance for ISO27001:2013, Cyber Essentials Plus, PCI
  • Flexibility and scalability up and down, short term options for busy periods or heightened threats