Our Conversational Platforms are a culmination of Automation and AI, to:

Improve customer engagement, by offering alternative channels to engage your customers and employees.

Engaging millennials by offering them the ability to engage with you over channels that are non voice i.e. SMS, email, social media.

Augment your call center by using chat bots to answer commonly asked questions that do no require human intelligence.

Enable straight through processing for various processes such as:

  • Loan Application.
  • Credit Card Application.
  • Account Application.
  • Claims Processing.

Enable ability to call AI based algorithms to vet conversations to ensure that appropriate checks and controls are applied.

Enable 24/7 staff and customer engagement without increasing cost.

Our innovative virtual agent, chatbot, live chat and knowledge management solutions empower organisations to provide consistent, accurate, personalised and seamless omnichannel engagement. Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solution includes:

Virtual Assistants – Provide smart self-service.

Contact Centre – Deliver the right information to each agent at the right time.

Knowledge Management – Combine conversational analytics with knowledge management.

Live Chat – Empower agents with an industry-defining feedback loop.

Mobile Customer Service – Talk to your customers on any mobile device.

Social Customer Support – Engage with your customers across social networks.

Service Desk – Improve employee productivity and efficiency.

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