Adeel Shah is the Chairman & CEO of Venture Force Global Inc. Adeel is a successful business innovator and investor with experience in building cross-national businesses via the United States, South Asia, and the Middle East and raising capital at an international scale. He has formulated and successfully executed strategic plans for international and domestic commercial firms. His relationships with investment banks, securities companies, and venture capital markets give him the capability to successfully fund companies at various stages of development. His recent projects include expanding VentureForceGlobal, a BPO and payroll venture, from the US and Pakistan to the Middle East. Adeel's in-depth industry knowledge and network allow him to develop and grow companies from incubation through public or M&A exits. He is the author of several articles on how foreign policy affects investment in growing economies, as well as the first book on how social media affected the Arab Spring - titled Sandstorm: a leaderless revolution in the digital age.