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Robotic Process Automation

We help clients maximize business efficacies and realize ‘real-world’ benefits through RPA strategy, assessment, and deployment.

Conversational Platforms

ixtel can help you build, connect, deploy and manage your intelligent conversational bots to help you succeed..

Traditional automation can’t access the vast majority of company data and information. That leaves knowledge workers with the heavy lifting of painstakingly finding the right information to "feed" business processes. Cognitive Bot can be taught by humans to uncover and transform hidden or “Dark Data” to automate business processes faster and more efficiently while simultaneously eliminating human error.

Our team of engineers and mathematicians will work with your business to:

  • Develop an overall AI strategy, which identifies opportunities within your business that AI can assist
  • Elaborate the business problems with your subject matter experts
  • Identify the variables and data sets required to solve the problem
  • Identify algorithms that can be applied or work with your subject matter experts to create custom algorithms
  • Create a hypothesis to test the algorithms
  • Apply algorithms into technology enablers such as:
    • Watson
    • TensorFlow or Google Deepmind
    • Azure ML
    • Amazon ML
  • Productionise these into your Enterprise Architecture

Inside an Cognitive Bot

Recognize – Computer Vision

Identifies and categorizes unstructured content allowing the bot to intelligently extract decision-making data

Understand – Natural Language Processing

Comprehends the meaning and intent of content to improve decision making
Enrich – Fuzzy Logic

Conducts phonetic algorithm and fuzzy string matching against enterprise applications to validate and enrich extracted data

Improve – Machine Learning

Learns by observing human behavior and develops domain expertise increasing accuracy and reducing exceptions