Committed to a more sustainable world corporate responsibility gives a new perspective of our company through our social environmental responsibilities, our commitment to communities and interactions with our market. As an international group operating in many countries, we play a major part in sustainable development, bringing together all our stakeholders.

Marketplace Responsibility :

Our first responsibility is to ensure our economic development and our sustainability whilst considering our local and global impact on the economy. Business ethics underpin our daily activities, a core requirement we extend to our clients, suppliers, and partners, because together, we create a virtuous and sustainable economic circle.

Workplace Responsibility :

Ixtel is committed to continuous improvement based on the principle of equal opportunities. This involves the skill development & well-being of employees as well as the integration of young people. How? By accompanying our employees throughout their careers and by working closely with universities to boost recruitment in the digital sector.

Environmental Responsibility :

As a major digital player, we must reduce the environmental impact of our energy consumption business travel We go further with innovative programs such as carbon offsetting, investment in renewable energy projects and access to water. Consuming smarter and preserving resources is a natural part of our corporate culture.

Community Engagement :

Being responsible also means showing solidarity with the communities in the countries we work in: we conduct projects for vulnerable people, giving them access to education from schooling through to employment and of course, fostering openness to digital technologies. Every day, management, business units, support functions and all of our employees proudly contribute, in a spirit of excellence, to the Group’s corporate responsibility commitments. We interact with our entire ixtel community, ensuring that these commitments bring value for everyone