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Data Analytics Services

We help clients maximize business efficacies and realize ‘real-world’ benefits through RPA strategy, assessment, and deployment.

Data Consulting Services

Big Data Consulting Services from ixtel is our highly specialized disciple for Enterprise Data Management.

ixtel Data Management Services transform organizational knowledge into insights for more informed and timely business decisions with the best possible TCO.

We build end-to-end products for companies to leverage Big Data technologies and deliver higher business value at the lowest TCO. ixtel Data Management Services go beyond just “business.” We know what it takes to deliver value for your business. We seek to create lasting partnerships with our customers by delivering value for money.

Data Management Services We Perform

  • Developing complete end-to-end Data Pipelines & Data Lakes
  • Ingesting Data from various sources into desired destinations
  • Managing various file format conversions
  • Performing Data Transformations
  • Performing Data Cleansing
  • Maintaining Data Integrity
  • Developing Data Models
  • Performing ETL and/or ELT jobs
  • Enriching Data for downstream Analytical Purposes
  • Performing Data Analytics
  • Performance Tuning

Whether you want to analyze immense volumes of data, roadmap or process streaming data in real-time our data engineers & consultants will help you create a big data processing system tailored to your business requirements.

Our big data management services will help you build the business-critical applications that can process large streams of live data and provide results in near-real-time.

Our team of world-class data engineers & consultants will help you design and build a custom Data Warehouse capable of accommodating massive data volumes, new data types, and new data processing workloads.

Our team provides ETL system development services. With your business goals and strategies in mind, we are ready to assist you in converting raw data into valuable insights that you can use to derive new business value

We assist our clients in implementing data lakes to enhance organizations’ data storage, management, and analytics capabilities.