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Vulnerability Management

See how we performs internal and external scan audits across network devices, servers, web applications, databases, and other assets in on-premise and cloud environments

Security Advisory Services

Our consultancy-led IT security services assess risks and define and implement business-aligned strategies to optimize your security readiness.

Managed Detection & Response

Get tailored solutions to support security operations across the digital enterprise, while monitoring and responding to the evolving threat landscape

Data protection and privacy services cover the entire lifecycle spanning the discovery, protection, monitoring, and retirement of sensitive data, which significantly improve the data security posture.


A Data Loss Prevention solution that is limited to protecting data from well-meaning or malicious insiders is no longer sufficient. The demand for data protection within the enterprise continues to grow, as does the variety of threats challenging the security team. Digital Guardian delivers Threat Aware Data Protection to Safeguard Sensitive Data from ALL THREATS.

Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform provides a single product suite that detects threats and stops data exfiltration from both well-meaning and malicious insiders as well as external adversaries. By converging DLP and endpoint detection and response, you have one less endpoint agent to manage and one less console to monitor.

Digital Guardian Data Loss Prevention Solutions that meet essential use cases such as insider threat protection, data compliance, IP protection, enterprise data visibility and endpoint detection and response.

  • Data Discovery – visibility and auditing of potentially unsecured data
  • Data Classification – the most comprehensive classification – content, context, and user-based
  • Network DLP – stops sensitive data from leaving your network
  • Endpoint DLP – stops data loss by securing endpoints
  • Cloud Data Protection – stops the loss of data in cloud applications such as Office 365
  • Endpoint Detection and Response – detect, investigate, and mitigate suspicious activities and behaviors at the endpoint


Thales provides organizations with security and trust in data wherever data is created, shared or stored without impacting business agility

Thales eSecurity provides comprehensive data security solutions that enable your organization to safely use, share and store data anywhere. Thales eSecurity delivers the industry's most comprehensive and advanced data security across devices, processes, platforms, and environments;

  • Data Security – Thales provides data security through encryption, key management, access control, and security intelligence across devices, process, platforms and environments
  • Cloud Security – Secure your digital transformation with industry-leading cloud encryption, key management, HSM, access management and licensing solutions
  • PKI – Create a public key infrastructure to secure access to apps, protect your software from tampering.
  • Bigdata Security – Create isolation in your data lakes, mask sensitive data, and control admin users for security and compliance
  • Payment Security – Enabling compliance, reduced risks and increased operational efficiency for payment transactions
  • Mult-icloud Key Management – Multi-cloud key lifecycle management anbels your team to efficiently report on BYOK and hybrid cloud key usage