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Managed Detection & Response

Get tailored solutions to support security operations across the digital enterprise, while monitoring and responding to the evolving threat landscape

Security Advisory Services

Our consultancy-led IT security services assess risks and define and implement business-aligned strategies to optimize your security readiness.

We offer clients a full range of IT governance, risk, compliance and audit consulting services. Whether you want a full suite of IT GRC services or extra help and knowledge to complete a project, we can deliver the solutions you need.


IT Governance — Align IT investments and processes with business goals by building a solid framework and integrating best practices. We specialize in CoBIT, ITIL and COSO.

IT governance increases efficiency and accountability, measures and drives ROI, and effectively manages resources and investments by aligning IT operations with business strategy. Well-developed IT governance strategies incorporate risk management and regulatory compliance providing organizations with the framework to strategically leverage IT systems and personnel.

Our experts can help you integrate industry standard frameworks— such as CoBIT, ITIL, COSO— or develop a custom blended solution that fits your unique needs. As you develop and implement your governance framework, we can provide guidance on compliance and risk assessment.


IT Risk — Dynamic risk intelligence helps organizations protect digital assets. In order to meet the varying needs of our clients, we offer flexible risk solutions, focusing on IT risk or encompassing your entire organization.


IT Risk Management & Assessment — For clients concerned about risks to information systems, our experts will focus on IT risk assessment, mitigation, and management. Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to deliver comprehensive risk intelligence to your team. Our insights help you prioritize risk mitigation based on the needs of your business as determined by your management team. IT risk management is an ongoing process, and we pride ourselves on collaborating with your internal experts and transferring the knowledge and skills necessary to keep your business secure. In addition to our consulting services, we provide access to some of the top risk assessment tools in the industry, using budget-friendly engagement licenses that minimize costs.


Enterprise Risk Assessment — For clients seeking comprehensive risk consulting for the entire organization, we provide a broader class of risk services, including financial management, technology management, and operational management.

We can help you make integrated risk management part of your organization’s culture. We go beyond risk identification by focusing on four key objectives:

  • Empower management to make educated, informed risk management decisions
  • Manage users identities and access rights in a central repository
  • Assist management with regulatory compliance initiatives
  • Secure IT systems that store, process, or transmit organization information
  • Define chains of authorization and approval for IT systems

We’ve developed a six-step risk assessment methodology that streamlines Enterprise Risk Assessment and can be aligned with COSO, CoBIT, ITIL, and other leading control frameworks.

  • Enterprise Risk Identification
  • Risk Prioritization
  • Risk Mitigation Strategy Identification
  • Mapping Risk to Management’s Policies and Control Procedures
  • Mapping Policies and Control Procedures to Control Objectives
  • Mapping Control Objectives to Specific Organizational Control Activities

IT Compliance — Regulatory compliance is unavoidable, but it's also an opportunity to assess and improve your IT landscape. Compliance assessment is an opportunity for your organization to take stock of its IT infrastructure, increase operational efficiencies, tighten security, and reduce liability. Regulatory compliance is a complement to other governance and risk management activities that provide valuable insight to IT and business leaders.

We're IT GRC experts and business partners. We look at each engagement as an opportunity to refine your IT infrastructure and operations, maximizing your investment in time and money.

We have expertise addressing a wide variety of regulations, encompassing a variety of industries such as; Payment Card Industry Requirements (PCI DSS), SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls, SIA / NESA compliance of UAE Information Assurance Standards, Dubai Information Security Regulation (ISR)