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Governance, Risk & Compliance Management

We provide risk and compliance services for IT risk management, Governance Risk & Compliance automation, compliance readiness, and remediation as part of a cohesive enterprise-wide security strategy.

Security Advisory Services

Our consultancy-led IT security services assess risks and define and implement business-aligned strategies to optimize your security readiness.

Customers are engaging within the organization across a variety of touchpoints and your employees need to be able to serve efficiently at every one of those channels. With the rise of mobile and cloud adoption, how can enterprises safeguard their information across new digital channels? Current IAM solutions are complicated and difficult to set up and run. What enterprises need is a business-led approach.

Ixtel enables organisations to:

  • Simplify user management across information systems
  • Manage users identities and access rights in a central repository
  • Control the lifecycle of employees identities access rights
  • Automate account rights provisioning across all applications
  • Audit information systems and manage access rights
  • Strengthen security levels for accessing applications
  • Centralise control and track access to application services
  • Simplify password management for users
  • Simplify and secure mobility usage
  • Unify authentication

Our services includes access management, identity governance and administration, role-based access control, privileged access management, and user access management to manage identities across virtual, physical, cloud, and mobile environments.

We enable the management of digital identities across infrastructure covering identity administration, governance, monitoring, and analytics both on-premise and on the cloud. Our differentiators include accelerators, templates, and pre-built industry-specific policies and processes for rapid deployment. We leverage the highest levels of technology partnerships with best of the breed tool and platform providers to manage and automate enterprise access management landscapes.

The solution answers to four essential key factors:

  • Reinforce Identity Security Policy through all users, devices, cloud and on-premise applications
  • Ensure an easy, secure and autonomous access to your users, removing passwords
  • be compliant with regulations and prove it
  • Optimize Costs by speeding up delivery of right business access to applications, user access to applications, less reset password support