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Vulnerability Management

See how we perform internal and external scan audits across network devices, servers, web applications, databases, and other assets in on-premise and cloud environments

Security Advisory Services

Our consultancy-led IT security services assess risks and define and implement business-aligned strategies to optimize your security readiness.

Managed Detection & Response

Get tailored solutions to support security operations across the digital enterprise, while monitoring and responding to the evolving threat landscape

Every organization has unique security requirements. Ensure that you have the right perimeter, endpoint and advanced-threat protection solutions to match your environment.

Proactively secure your organization's cloud infrastructure and endpoints against the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats. Protect your critical infrastructure and information by blending best practices and leading global technologies.

Endgame Detection & Response

A single host agent for prevention, detection and response, managed by a single UI and Security Operations tier. Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid options meet global compliance and privacy requirements of complex, distributed organizations. Endgame protects all your endpoints - Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris - with no compromises invisibility or response.

Full-stack endpoint protection stops exploits, phishing, malware, file less attacks, and ransomware across the MITRE ATT&CK™ matrix with the people you already have.

Autonomous agent provides 24x7 online and offline protection with no round trip to cloud required.

Artemis, Endgame's AI-powered chatbot, and Resolver, Endgame's intuitive attack visualization, elevates tier 1 analysts and accelerates tier 3 analysts to stop attacks before damage and loss.

Shieldx elastic security platform – agentless technology to secure multi-cloud environments

ShieldX’s APEIRO platform addresses these issues by providing a scalable and flexible multi-cloud security platform for highly-virtualized data center and IaaS networks. Featuring an elastic microservices-based technology that doesn’t require agents, enterprises can automatically define and enforce a full-stack security strategy for multi-cloud or virtualized environments regardless of size.

ShieldX’s APEIRO allows enterprises to implement micro-segmentation with DPI that configures automatically and provides full-stack analysis to protect against lateral movement and data center threats. APEIRON applies comprehensive security, including firewall, threat detection, DLP, URL filtering and more, allowing organizations to consolidate their security infrastructure, reducing management complexity and cost.

ShieldX deploys quickly by analyzing multi-cloud environments to self-provision a comprehensive security stack that autonomously right-sizes and reacts at the cloud- speed. Protecting against the new vector of cloud-based attacks such as crypto-jacking, cross workload, cross-cloud, and other emerging tactics, APEIRO’s visibility across the entire network reduces the effort required for compliance monitoring.

Netskope – smart security for the modern workplace

While cloud computing has become a mainstream delivery choice for applications, services, and infrastructure, concerns about cloud security remain high. The top three cloud security concerns include protecting against data loss, threats to data privacy and breaches of confidentiality. As more workloads are moved to the cloud, organizations are increasingly realizing that traditional security tools are not designed for the unique challenges cloud adoption presents. Instead, strong security management and control solutions designed specifically for the cloud are required to protect this new, agile paradigm.

We help the largest organizations take advantage of cloud and web without sacrificing security. Our Netskope patented Cloud XD technology targets and controls activities across any cloud service or website and customers get 360- degree data and threat protection that works everywhere.

Netskope ONECloud is a unified cloud security platform that provides advanced data protection and comprehensive threat prevention across SaaS, IaaS and web services to help Security Operations (SecOps) administrators protect their cloud data and assets.