ixtel® announces the opening of a new Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) in Dubai. The CSOC provides best-of-breed and solutions in the face of increasing cyber threats and provides advanced security event monitoring, threat analytics, cyber threat management as well as incident response for businesses in the region.

While information systems become more interconnected and mainstream markets embrace disruptive technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data and the Internet of Things, the number of cyberattacks is growing rapidly. In 2015, the number of recorded attacks grew by 38% worldwide. The question facing organizations today is no longer whether they will be attacked, but when the next attack wills happen and above all, whether it will be detected. Thales is constantly improving its detection and rapid reaction capabilities to help its customers step up to this challenge.

“With this new Cyber Security Operations Centre, our customers have access to the best-in-class cybersecurity services.  It consolidates IXTEL® leadership in managed security services and our ability to provide cybersecurity services to customers in UAE and around the GCC” Said Rashid Al Shamsi, Chairman.

“It is more and more challenging for companies to get access to highly skilled security experts and to maintain the appropriate technologies to face an evolving cyber-threat landscape with confidence,” said Mehdi Quraishi, Chief Executive Officer. “We leverage years of experience in managed cybersecurity services and positioned as the trusted partner of choice for organizations across UAE & GCC, allowing them to optimize their security investment and focus on their core activities” he added.

The Cyber Security Operations Centre in Dubai is an integral part of IXTEL® holistic approach to cybersecurity and its commitment to provide each customer with solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. It is designed to perform the following key functions:

  • Prevent risks and anticipate threats to enterprise information systems. The new Cyber Security Operations Centre is also responsible for the services provided by IXTEL® Cyber Attack Tiger Team (CATT), which has maintained permanent security surveillance of customers’ systems since 2012 and issues alert about any new vulnerabilities that could compromise security.
  • Detect security incidents and react in real-time, quickly analyzing and resolving issues and, when appropriate, mobilizing the Rapid Reaction Team set up by IXTEL® in 2015.
  • Monitor compliance to ensure that user practices are in line with the customer’s security policy at all times.
  • Our hybrid model of remote monitoring with onsite guidance will allow us to work closely with the client and more deeply investigate incidents; protecting them now and helping them anticipate attacks well into the future.”

The IXTEL® managed security services’ offering provides organizations with a complete range of services to step up to the growing threat of cyberattacks.