Companies are under increasing pressure to remain competitive, increase revenue and improve efficiency. Most organizations are aware that Software-Defined Everything is key to achieving these goals. Software-Defined Everything will enable organizations to improve the effectiveness of their communication and collaboration, which are becoming key business differentiators. Applications are bringing information to the point of use. We can connect people to people, people to systems and business to business, any time, any place.

ixtel Operational Efficiency offering is designed to address key issues facing CIOs and IT departments today including the need to:

  • Build a digital infrastructure to support business applications now and in the future
  • Drive cost and inefficiencies out of the digital technology area
  • Acquire and retain core digital skills within an organization
  • Reduce the number of suppliers and management overhead

Operational Efficiency focuses on three key areas to enable you to build a seamless digital infrastructure through Software-Defined Everything:

The concept of commoditizing functional components in the enterprise IT segment was first applied to networking infrastructure, which resulted in the mature technology trend of Software-Defined Networking (SDN). Similarly, the concept applied to the technology infrastructure in the form of the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) has allowed organizations to increase business agility and infrastructure scalability at a lower cost. Enterprise organizations adopted virtualization, automation, and orchestration to realize the promised value propositions such as ease of infrastructure provisioning, management, and maintenance enablement of agile implementation of automated, intelligent and software-based IT operations, also known as Software-Defined ITOps.

Software-Defined Networks – With SD-WAN, you can scale your connectivity as your business demands. You can let your employees work with maximum flexibility. Your customers can enjoy the seamless personalized experiences they demand. And your data will be completely secure. With SD-WAN, you can become the innovative powerhouse you need to be to stay ahead of the competition.

Software-defined data Centre Services – the drive to improve IT agility is spurring organizations to explore new data center architectures. Organizations need to accelerate the delivery of technology services while retaining control over IT, minimizing complexity and reducing costs. A software-defined data center architecture can help significantly improve IT agility. By pooling infrastructure resources, standardizing management tools across infrastructure layers, and enabling policy-driven provisioning, an SDDC can help IT groups respond more quickly to new requests for IT resources. At the same time, an SDDC enables IT, groups, to retain control over provisioning, reduce costs and establish a path to application modernization.

Software-Defined IT Operations – by leveraging automation and a software-driven approach to handle the growing IT management needs of complex and dynamic infrastructure environments. The evolving concept may not have a specific definition just yet but can be referred to as the automation and abstraction between the management layer and the control plane of the infrastructure. It can be seen as a software-focused approach to realize autonomous IT operations around the management of infrastructure configurations, performance, service availability, issue resolution, and security, among others. SDITO Strategies can encompass four key aspects of infrastructure management and IT operations: Automation, Intelligence, Self-Service Operations and Centralized Management and Integration.