The recent explosion in the variety of communications channels often results in added complexity that undermines the potential benefits of an always-on global business environment. This increasingly onerous communications environment creates demands on time and attention. To manage these demands a unified approach to communications and collaboration is needed.

In today’s connected world, organizations are dependent on corporate networks. Yet while they offer a new level of business communication, converged networks are complex to run and deliver. So, in a world of shrinking budgets, how can enterprises gain access to the many benefits that UCC can bring?

We are living in a connected world where international competition has never been greater—the GCC, in particular, is at risk of falling behind more aggressive economies. This, and the need for business processes to be both simple and agile, is causing companies to look to information technology and communication systems to maintain and improve their competitive edge. UCC solutions can facilitate almost every communication to anyone at almost any time. It enables organizations to maximize employee productivity through providing more effective communication and collaboration.

Many organizations are discovering that stovepipe implementation of disparate communications platforms prevents them from gaining the maximum benefit from organizational communication and collaboration. This has led to a greater focus on the need for closer integration between different communication platforms and their existing infrastructure.

Transforming communications and collaboration - As business activities shift from centralized to decentralized working environments, gravitate from single to multi-channel interactions and embrace business ecosystems and value networks operating outside of traditional organizational confines, developments that can simplify, or eradicate, the complexity of modern communications is increasingly regarded as a source of competitive advantage. By simplifying and rationalizing communications and collaboration resources, organizations can directly translate the seamless interaction of multiple communication channels into increased business agility, improved collaborative working capabilities and more rapidly respond to changing market conditions.

UCC solutions help improve business agility and provide a range of benefits including:

Simpler collaboration improved productivity - Users benefit from a more controlled and manageable communications interface and individuals are empowered to work and collaborate more effectively

Faster time-to-market - Dispersed team workers are easier to manage, facilitating a rapid response to changing market conditions and accelerating time-to-market.

Increased responsiveness - Converged voice and data across a single collaborative application facilitates a rapid response to changing business needs and the seamless communication of information to all interested parties.

Increased business agility - Geographically dispersed team members are better able to function as a group and benefit from shared resources and information.

Increased client-facing time - Individuals are able to increase the time spent with customers through more effective communications management.

Growth of business ecosystems and value networks – UCC solutions provide organizations with additional opportunities to expand their business throughout the value chain and improve

Conclusion – UCC solutions are already recognized as a method of improving employee productivity and realizing significant cost savings.

UCC solutions lead to more effective communication and go beyond replacing a traditional channel for contacting employees. Through the use of 'presence' technology, they facilitate smarter communication and enable users to define the best method for successfully contacting co-workers before even initiating contact – thereby minimizing wasted time when seeking to interact with others. ixtel is currently developing an industry-leading ROI modeling tool that will clearly illustrate where savings are achieved.