ixtel®, the digital services provider, has announced that it has achieved ISO 27001-2013 certification and has successfully implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

As a result of this achievement, the business is now able to systematically identify and combat an entire range of potential threats and risks to information assets and provide assurance to customers that ixtel® will keep their data safe.

With the increasing pressure on companies to comply with information security demands, particularly in the government, finance, and retail sectors, and the growth in cloud-based data storage, choosing a supplier able to meet stringent regulatory standards is a key part of the compliance process.

Following an extensive and thorough audit carried out over the past few months, ixtel® was officially recognized as having established its management system in line with the requirements of the ISO 27001-2013 standard.

Discussing the recent certification’s value to ixtel technologies customers, Rashid Al Shamsi, Chairman said: “ISO27001 certification is another sign of our commitment to showing customers why they can have the highest confidence in our operations. Our stewardship of confidential information is robust and that we constantly challenge ourselves to keep it that way.”

Mehdi Quraishi, Chief Executive Officer at ixtel®, said: “This latest accreditation really serves to strengthen ixtel® offerings to its customers, partners, and stakeholders. We recognized that the concerns of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of corporate and customer information are paramount to our customers and we took the appropriate steps to officially demonstrate our commitment to data security.”

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized information security management standard which ensures that a business has stringent processes in place to identify, manage and reduce risks to information security. The certification demonstrates that an organization is following international information security best practices.

ixtel® was assessed across a number of fields including relevant documentation, the scope of ISMS, Business Continuity, risk assessments, and procedures as well as control checks appropriate to our type of business and size. As part of ixtel® Quality Management System credentials, this latest certification follows ISO9001 achieved in 2015.