Ixtel technologies – August 8, 2015 – ixtel technologies, an industry leader in managed IT services, ixtel technologies today announced that it has achieved International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001 certification of its quality management systems for the design, implementation and operations of the managed IT services. Certification was confirmed after completion of an extensive audit of the company’s quality practices by the Bureau of Assessment Services (BAS), an internationally recognized registrar for ISO certification.

“This is a very important milestone for ixtel,” said Mehdi Quraishi, Managing Director, and CEO of ixtel. “We have long viewed quality as a strategic imperative in our industry, and we believe ISO 9001 certification is recognized among our customer base, as a credible indicator of our commitment to quality products and services.” ISO “9001” is generally considered to be the broadest and most difficult of the ISO 9000 certifications to achieve. Ixtel was able to achieve the designation less than 12 months after it began preparing for it. The Company has already achieved even better yields and has improved its process methodologies as a result of pursuing the ISO 9001 certification,” he added.

“The ultimate goal of ixtel ISO certification project is total customer satisfaction,” said Rashid Al Shamsi, Chairman of ixtel. “We believe that ISO will help ixtel maintain the level of excellence required in today’s marketplace”. As an ISO 9001 certified company, ixtel has raised the standards of its organizational discipline, maintaining its position as a world-class managed IT services company.