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Data Analytics Services

We help clients maximize business efficacies and realize ‘real-world’ benefits through RPA strategy, assessment, and deployment.

Data Management Services

ixtel Data Management Services transform organizational knowledge into insights for more informed and timely business decisions with the best possible TCO.

Big Data Consulting Services from ixtel is our highly specialized disciple for Enterprise Data Management. Guided by our proprietary methodology for Information Management, we will analyze and explore the key business, people, technologies, data and process challenges, root causes, and will identify strategic opportunities and solutions. The end goal for this service is to define a data strategy roadmap that will support the enablement of Master Data Management, Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence practices in an organization.

Maturity Assessment and Readiness

The assessment will quantify data maturity and will measure organizational readiness and change needed to establish best practices

As-Is and To-Be Assessment

This phase of Data Strategy is focused on discovering existing challenges and identifying growth opportunities. The phase will document current and existing people, processes and technologies, data integration and data quality rules supporting enterprise data management. It will further identify and document key use cases, challenges, strategic opportunities, enterprise vision and goals

Gap Fit Assessment

The Gap-fit phase assessment task will identify the missing capabilities and processes. The analysis will discover tactical and short-term quick wins, identify low hanging fruits and align opportunities with long-term strategic goals

Data Architecture

The architecture tasks will study current systems environments, data integration technologies, and enterprise data models and recommend future state data architecture roadmap to enable better information management. The phase will evaluate and recommend vendors and tools based on capabilities and use cases that are identified in Gap Fit Assessments to enable data management

Data Organizational Model

Explores changes needed for enabling Master Data Management (MDM) and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) in an organization. The phase will also guide setting up a Center of Excellence (MDM COE), processes, training, and quick-start guide

Data Strategy Roadmap

The data strategy phase will develop a multi-phased, multi-year program roadmap that is aligned to enterprise vision and goals in-line with the desired maturity. The implementation plan will further provide program charters for immediate short-term execution of next-steps. Data Strategy roadmap is the final deliverable and it guides the implementation of Data Governance, Quality, and Stewardship. The phase will feed the project plans for developing Master Data Management processes, Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence tools and its implementation